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A John Stone Mystery: Murder with Deceit

John Stone…

returns with another captivating mystery. He’s invited by his friend Elliot to attend an annual, peaceful stamp collector convention in New Orleans. He learns that he, unnoticed, is to help with a wee bit of security due to the millions of dollars of stamps displayed.

Of course, a murder does occur.

The question is as always why, why did the murder happen? But even more puzzling, why kiss a dead man?

With evidence he discovers and temporarily keeps incognito, John brings the police into the picture hoping they will work to find more.

The elements begin to gather causing California to become the focus. Tracy and John go to the victim’s home which reveals feminine touches adding to the mystery… as the victim was single.

Perfume guides Stone through a maze of suspects, including women. Actions he takes brings spies and Russians into the game. Then with a visit to the FBI, the FBI drops evidence containing needed information.

At every turn, John finds another woman involved. When that number grows to seven, John must determine if they are content with his existence or filled with malicious intent regarding his breathing.

A John Stone Mystery: Murder with Deceit

John Stone…

returns for his most captivating mystery yet. After a dare from a beautiful woman takes an unexpected turn, he accidentally lands himself a date—in Paris. Before long, her whole family is whisked along for the ride as they delve into the ominous circumstances surrounding her father’s death. His travels, it seems, weren’t all he kept hidden. It’s up to John to put his infamous knack to work and unravel a web of secrets that extends years into the past.

The City of Lights has shadows of its own, and they only grow darker as John searches for the truth. Each twist throws him deeper into the heart of an international conspiracy—but that’s not the only heart he has to worry about. Memories from the past consume his conscience as romance escalates into love. While John’s no stranger to l’amour, it will take all his focus to unearth a stone some would kill to leave unturned. Above all, he must protect this family from the deception that threatens to tear them apart.

A John Stone Mystery: Murder finds a home

John Stone…

John Stone is a computer guy with a knack for solving mysteries. And he’s been asked by his close friends, Elliot, to come to California and find why an employee was murdered and who done it. Stone finds himself getting bits and pieces that don’t fit anywhere. He gets clues that don’t seem like clues till another person provides the glue. In the midst of solving the murder, he finds himself colliding with women who are delicious, devious, or deadly. Suspicious police steer his progress down one-way streets with no exits. When his discoveries move to higher levels, so does the danger.

Mystery and romance follow him from clue to clue till the end forces life-or-death decisions.


Everybody Wants Madison

Madison Brown is…

an IT guy with little excitement in his life—that is, until a stranger with a gun corners him in the parking lot one night. When the man claims he’s looking for the Madison Brown who took one Mr. Garwood to the emergency room, Madison has no clue what he’s talking about. Not even the mention of his inclusion in a will jogs Madison’s memory. All he knows for certain is that someone is in danger. Using his IT skills, he searches for other Madison Browns in the voter registry and discovers a beautiful young woman, also named Madison Brown. When he shows up on her doorstep, intending to warn her of the man with the gun, he has no idea he won’t be leaving for quite some time . . . In Everybody Wants Madison, Winnfred Smith rolls his signature mixture of mystery, suspense, and romance into a compelling narrative you won’t soon forget. Join Madison as he serves as an unwilling bodyguard, unsuspecting suitor, and unknowing hero all at once!

A John Stone Mystery: Murder Before Dawn

John Stone returns…

for another mystery when his seaside vacation is interrupted by a midnight murder—and the witness who saw who done it. Before he can have a say in the matter, the witness, a young woman with her own agenda, has roped him into solving the sinister circumstances surrounding the case. But when the killer has unrestricted access to the hotel, no one can be trusted. It’s up to John Stone to bring the shadows to light, before the killer can tie up loose ends.

Collection of Short Stories

Southern Shorts: Memorable Situations and Just Made-up Stories

These stories have…

a little intrigue, compassion, and romance, with variations of the same. As you turn the pages, you’ll find mysteries of a murder in a locked room, a gentleman saving his woman from evil, and a sheriff preserving the spirit of his town.

In “Discreet Assignment,” we find a woman who will risk all to stop evil from disgracing her town and family. You’ll see that love can be found and remembered at the saddest times. I reveal what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. And, you’ll realize how careful you must be when you dream. There are a few more stories that I hope you will enjoy.

Best Tall Tales in Short Stories

A Body Dropped…

by drone in a neighbor’s backyard. A woman returning to her childhood home to bury her past-or rather, unbury it. A surprise visitor who knows more than he should about a small-town convenience store.

Winnfred Smith returns with these stories and more in an all-new collection that crosses the full spectrum of human experience, from love to loss, murder to salvation, reunion to separation. Each story is written with Winnfred’s signature blend of mystery, suspense, and romance, with a touch of humor, that will leave you wanting just one more. Also featured are several true stories of growing up in Griffin, Georgia.

Best Tall Tales in Short Stories delivers just that, ranging from the unbelievable to the all too real, in a journey that’s sure to find a place in your heart.