About Winnfred

Winnfred is often times called a romantic, which you will experience in his short stories and novels as he tries romance and mystery together

When did you begin writing?

My first job was at a hardware store in Griffin where my Aunt Jane worked. I was putting lawn chairs and swing sets together and doing a lousy job. Of course, that job didn’t last long. My second job at barely sixteen was at Spaiding Knitting Mills. I would load and take a cart around the mill selling my goods and picking up the used bottles. Hey, they were worth a nickel. Did I mention an aunt of mine ran a cafe? Okay, so it was an inside job. I did that five days a week, just after school. Eventually I graduated, did some night school classes, and decided to get into the computer field. No desire to write.. yet.

I moved to Jackson, Mississippi in 1986, and the next year I became president of Mississippi Computer Society. It was here I started a newsletter called “Bits and Bytes Review.” We started with 12 members and grew to over 200. While still doing the MCS newsletter, I joined the Mississippi Writers Association. Eventually, I became the Newsletter Editor for the Mississippi Writers Association and met may authors. Those two newsletter got me started in writing, and my interests blossomed while meeting real published authors.

What authors do you enjoy reading?

Robert Parker, J. D. McDonald, Lindsay Davis, Bill O’Really, Charles Willson, Lawrence Block are my favourite authors. But I have many more of course.